The story of the Bioptron Light therapy

What can light therapy mean for your health?

In our practice the Bioptron light therapy is one of the offered therapy’s. This is a lamp with different color filters that gives great results for a variety of complaints.

  • Anti aging of your skin: wrinkles, …bioptron 2
  • Facial care healing of wounds eczema and acne
  • Scars muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Rheumatism
  • Depression winter depression

First our story

The story of how we have got this Bioptron.

A number of years ago our daughter Maayke had an internship in Curaçao. One day we got a very upsetting phone call from her. The pan fired, she lifted the pan but was scared of course so she made an unexpected move and the boiling oil ran over her hand. In short, there were very substantial burns. On curaçao they handle burning wounds in the old-fashioned way in the hospital. They prick the blister and smear some antibiotic cream. As her hands, as an artist, are very important to continue functioning, was my advice to interrupt her stay and continue this later after recovery. Fortunately this was possible and Maayke came home.

Rob sold in that time medical lasers to hospitals and when Maayke came home, there happened to be a Belgian colleague with us. He wondered why she had her hand bandaged and commented “alléh, you need a bioptronneke …” My response is clear … What is a “bioptronneke”. He explained that this was for skin renewal, and that this is used very often in hospitals with burning wounds. Well, I said, please make sure that we get such a bioptronneke in the house for Maayke. The next day, this lamp arrived! Maayke healed so fast and beautiful, that the doctor wondered how this was possible. Until I told about the bioptron, than he understood because he knew this lamp.


The Bioptron has no longer been away from our practice. A difficulty was only that he took as much place so I could´t use it in the busy practice in Holland satisfactorily. Sometimes I did it though, if I no longer knew how to treat some eczema types, because it just not totally wanted to heal. Always there was this stunning result. Of course the Bioptron has also moved to Ibiza. Then again, rosaceawe put in a corner.

Now it appears that a friend has rosacea. She has swallowed already disgusting many antibiotics, but the rosacea (see example picture of an anonymous) breaks through every time. She tried creams, but the rosacea keeps coming on. Of course the bioresonance and food are used, but it helps for a moment and then, when she drinks just one glass of alcohol, the rosacea is back on. All of a sudden I thought… “the Bioptron!”. We treated Nini now for three days and the rosacea disappears like snow in the sun. No antibiotics any more, cream is no longer needed (dries the skin).


After searching for a lot of information, it shows that rosacea mainly arises from the excretion of demodec mites.

bioptron acneFortunately we have a program on the bioresonance device to eliminate de mites. We used both therapies at the same time. Both together created a wonderful healing and the skin restores at he same time. An additional disadvantage of rosacea is the skin that gets damaged.

The Bioptron is also perfectly suited, for example, for scars. I’m not saying that it completely disappears but such that it is not more disruptive.

Also in aging of the skin are very good results.

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