Een enkele toerist is er al



Just before I would travel to England, I made a huge fall in the garden. Chin on planter, teeth through the lip, ribs bruised and 4 teeth loose.
Oh well, as I said to the children, we are almost never sick because of the bioresonance. The Cosmos will find another way for you to take care for your rest.
The great thing is that we got alert again. We take the bioresonance and our health for granted at any given time. By this trap it is obvious today what wonder the bioresonance actually is.
Right after the fall the pain was unbearable. Not so much the teeth through my lip but that rib, that did such pain that we thought this was broken.
After Rob had gotten me in bed, he fetched ice for my lip. I could not pull up my legs, no turn, not move without having to howl in pain. Rob has put the bioresonance device next to the bed, the famous mat over me. … and … the miracle came to pass. Within 5 minutes I was able to pull up my legs!Ons wonderapparaat
Anyway for my lip we had to go to the hospital. There they were uneasy about the rib, picture taken and what turned out to be …. sturdy bruised and nothing broken. Lip was glued and about the teeth I did not speak but they were sitting pretty loose and gave me some worries.
I have deployed the bioresonance fanatically and when went into the plane (after 4 days) to London, only coughs and sneezes were painful in my ribs, teeth went tight and the wound healed very fast!
Truly a miracle that bioresonance, and understandable that that pharmaceutical industry do not see this at all, this alternative healing method. At the same time incomprehensible that not the whole world is under treatment at a bioresonance therapist.
Oh well, it needs time …

After 4 days London it is also clear to me that the people there can´t be healthy. It’s always light, everywhere street lamps, lighting in all those small gardens around the houses. Noise everywhere … and then the subway! How many languages I already have heard, it remains interesting but also clear that there is no solidarity what prevails.
For those few days of course it was wonderful to be there and enjoy the company of Nini and Eric.
Once back on Ibiza the delicious smells of the blossoms came to me, the rest, the black nights and the space all the more made us even feel more lucky.

The winter is ready with Ibiza (winter?????). The temperature is now no longer under the 17 degrees and the sun shines almost every day. The nature you see here in all its glory awakening and the herbs and flowers let their wonderful smells flying around all day.

The mispels are ripe and that I want a tree NOW in the garden. According to the inhabitants, this tree grows only on Ibiza. All the more annoying that I don´t see him only than in gardens and never in the wild, I would like to take kg´s from those trees.

Just like nature awakens, awaken the people from the mainland. The first busloads of tourists have already been identified and all the boutiques and restaurants are opening again. They also awake from the wintersleep. It looks now as this is the best time of the year. Not so many tourists that we get mad because of to much traffic, enough to wake the business people so that their shops open again. Everything is green and full of color. Paradise is here!

There is a nice Exchange with practice Visioen, which has taken over our practice in the Netherlands. People who come to our practice here on Ibiza and need follow-up treatments which they can´t finish, go to praktijk Visioen in Breda, Wies Dekker. And so Wies had someone who could not skip or postpone the follow-up treatment, but was at that time right on Ibiza. She takes the follow-up on Ibiza, with us! How nice is that!

Together we reach lots of people!


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