What is therapy?

Sometimes there is confusion about what therapy actually is, because there are so many types. But in any case it is about thoughts, feelings and behavior. Someone has a problem and is looking for a solution. Then there are all sorts of factors.

  • Genetic factors, who are you.
  • Your temperament is also important. How do you react to things and situations, how people react on your behavior.
  • Intellectual and social properties. Do you understand the world around you, can you enter into relationships and stick to it.
  • Culture. How have you been brought up, what is the impact on you.
  • Have you learned to solve problems.
  • What are your good or bad experiences in your life.
  • A therapist, who will understand you.

Everyone has problems and will be ashamed for certain problems. imageThere is a need for empathy, someone who knows what you are going through and can empathize in your situation. When you have a big problem and think that you are the only one with such a problem, then you can feel lonely and scared. A therapist, who can empathize with your situation and can sympathize, ensures you to no longer feel so alone and that there is someone, who understands you.
If you keep this for yourself for a long period, it can happen that the feelings around the problem will become larger than the problem itself. So don`t walk around with a problem too long, but seek help.
A therapist is trained to let you find out where your problems come from and can you give handles to continue a nice and fulfilling life.

The therapist of G&R Advice have lots of education and experience, imageand can use the best therapy for the client. If the other therapist has a better specialty which will solve the problem nicer and faster, the client will be helped right away by this therapist.
In this case the client will always get the best help as well psychological as physical.