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Our lives flows gradually in a tearing rush. After the first months of relative calmness, outside the entire marketing of course, it starts to be pretty busy.


In addition to the retreat guests, what turns out to be a huge success, we have the DNA saliva analysis as a discipline as well. pure boek
Great what a development that is. Even for children there are special packages developed. A specific package for athletes, focussed on the muscles and movement, is also a possibility . Just to find out where the weakness is and what exercises are best for you, to get the desired results.
And the lucky thing is that we have arranged a discount code 😉

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Our guests are also extremely interested in how seizes everything together with us.
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Finally we made it! My goal has always been to combine alternative and regular healing. How hard it was in the Netherlands. alternatief regulierAlthough more and more doctor practices were cooperating, some came even with notes for certain matters to let us test, it was still a nearly impossible case due to the law.
Now that we have started on Ibiza, the wish is still there to cooperate with the regular medicine. However, on Ibiza as well, the doctors are just doctors and do not know the alternative side very well. They seem not knowing that may be there are other ways to heal. Or even more, to do a preventive scan and to respond to that what is already present on your genes from birth. By which knowledge you can live your life longer and healthier. Purely because you know how you can manage your life without the products that will make you ill.

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Taking medicine?? Why??

Are you fed up with swallowing medication?

Pharma-does-not-create-cures-they-create-customersThe medicine which are swallowed in the world, has become a very common issue. Of course it is  “great” that we do have the knowledge acquired to make medications and have lots of medications in stock. Unfortunately, selling medication has gradually become a whole industry on itself. Medications have to be sold to keep this industry turning. A lot of people are swallowing medications though, not for their health, but as a guarantee to continue the profit. This is a totally different approach than most of people are grown up with, by tradition


Let’s be critical.

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zonneallergieHow many people do complain about this in recent years. Really incredible!
Sun-rash is nothing else than the moisture (sweat) on your skin which contains too much acid. What, most of the time, will be rubbed in with a suncare product (of course with a factor!).
That is really not the way to handle your skin. Because the general opinion has become that Sun is very bad for you, we are going to dress up from the Sun and, much more, we use lots of sun protection lotions.
Besides the fact that we, because of this silly behavior, do get a vit D deficiency as a result of banning the Sun, it is also true that our skin makes no, or inadequate, pigment. Our skin has forgotten how to do so. After all, baby’s have to wear hats (yeah nice, holds the heat well … so one can wait for the heat stroke), wearing a t-shirt too etc. We (as parents) are sitting under the parasol, smeared and dressed.
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