Candida, PDS, IBS and more….

Irritable bowel syndrome.

In this blog yet again about the intestines, “too fat” and related matters.

PDSDo you frequently suffer from diarrhea, constipation or both? Have you got an irregular bowel movements and regularly with abdominal cramps?
Then you have fixed suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Irritable-bowel syndrome (IBS). Irritable bowel syndrome is a disruption of the spontaneous motility (= peristalsis) of mostly the entire gastro-intestinal canal. The irritable-bowel syndrome occurs in approximately 2% of the population for-usually between the 15th and 65th year of life-and 3 x more common in women than in mannenBij IBS is the stomach-intestinal wall more susceptible to all kinds of stimuli, including food, medicine and stress, and draws under the influence thereof-usually during the day and rarely at night-often abnormally together (= stomach and/or intestinal spasms). Because of the fact that the sensitivity of the pain receptors in the intestinal wall is bigger than normal, the cramps are extra painful.

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DNA Analyse

News from Ibiza

All kinds of everything…

Our lives flows gradually in a tearing rush. After the first months of relative calmness, outside the entire marketing of course, it starts to be pretty busy.


In addition to the retreat guests, what turns out to be a huge success, we have the DNA saliva analysis as a discipline as well. pure boek
Great what a development that is. Even for children there are special packages developed. A specific package for athletes, focussed on the muscles and movement, is also a possibility . Just to find out where the weakness is and what exercises are best for you, to get the desired results.
And the lucky thing is that we have arranged a discount code 😉

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Our guests are also extremely interested in how seizes everything together with us.
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IMG_5436This month was heartwarming! All those old clients who did come along. They loved our “project”  and felt welcome by our hospitality. That was the reason over all that we moved to Ibiza. Purely to be able to share, more than being a therapist and  the work that you do. Now we can summarize everything. And share our hospitality, our house and our expertise. Over the years, may I add, we have got a lot of knowledge, and what is the use of this knowledge if you can´t share or propagate.
In the Netherlands this was tricky, then you are extremely limited there by the laws and the weather.y limited.

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