zonneallergieHow many people do complain about this in recent years. Really incredible!
Sun-rash is nothing else than the moisture (sweat) on your skin which contains too much acid. What, most of the time, will be rubbed in with a suncare product (of course with a factor!).
That is really not the way to handle your skin. Because the general opinion has become that Sun is very bad for you, we are going to dress up from the Sun and, much more, we use lots of sun protection lotions.
Besides the fact that we, because of this silly behavior, do get a vit D deficiency as a result of banning the Sun, it is also true that our skin makes no, or inadequate, pigment. Our skin has forgotten how to do so. After all, baby’s have to wear hats (yeah nice, holds the heat well … so one can wait for the heat stroke), wearing a t-shirt too etc. We (as parents) are sitting under the parasol, smeared and dressed.
And then, when you start cycling or do some walking, it gets nice and warm and you start complaining about the sun rash.
An interesting fact is…in the countries where the people are having a really black skin, there is a big vit D deficiency. So … the more pigment, the more resistant you are from the Sun. Using sunburn protection … why?

What you should do.

  1. Start every morning with a liter of water to drink! (very important) and a glass of lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda
  2. Take a breakfast which is alkaline (cottage cheese, omelette … no bread)
  3. baking sodaSponge and shower with baking soda (deacidification the skin in advance)
  4. Build on your pigment. First time in your country, with the first sun rays. Light fading (red) is oké, do not burn!
  5. Basically it should be possible for you, if you go, for example, to Ibiza, to stay in the sun for an hour on the heat of the day. I’m not saying that you should do, but without burning or rash is that the least what should be possible.
  6. After the Sun, or maybe during the day, often rinse. Are you at the sea, then go often into the sea. So that the acid is flushed of your skin.
  7. In and between drink lots of flat water, up to 2 litres! And eat only alkaline products! No ice cream, no sugar, just customize your food. Fruit, roots, tomatoes etc.
  8. Anoint yourself with coconut oil or, when you are in a country where the aloe vera grows, break off a leaf and anoint you with the gel.
  9. Before going to sleep, again one more time applying with coconut oil, and again in the morning. That will help to prevent drying out of the skin and also coconut oil has a natural sun protection in it, so it will make your skin more used to the Sun.

When you do all of this, you will only have benefits of the sun.zon

  • You will have sufficient vit D for the winter
  • By the deacidification is the chance to get sick less likely than normal (colds, flu, etc.)
  • Your skin becomes more resistant to the Sun
  • Skin cancer is no longer an option (cancer is due to the fact that the lotions are filled with toxic substances and the lack of pigment)

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