Stress…and now?


Oké…Let’s talk about, once again, this fantastic subject … (sarcastic).

In former days people used to look at people with stress, as they were very weird. Nowadays people look to people without stress as if they are weird….. .

Stressed out

stressI still remember my father. He came home sick. “He’s stressed out”, the doctor said. We had to be very quiet, and we had to be careful to not make him angry (said to a child of 6 years!). That was dangerous if you were stressed out. The doctor told that something could burst in his brain, and then the damage would be horrible.
That was 52 years ago. My father then was 56 years!
Hmmm …. it all seems none the less dangerous than that we thought. I see nowadays so many people stressed or nearly stressed-out, and the amount of “burn-outs” are not countable any more.

Anxiety and Stress

An increasing proportion of the population lives under the influence of anxiety and stress. Everything isanxiety related with a fast-changing, more uncertain environment and international events. Less anxiety and stress has to do with a slightly different way of life.

Please, do meditation, self or a guided meditation.
For people who have experienced more stress, because they try to relax, is a quiet walk or just a little sport, an excellent resource. One eliminates the unanswered flight or fight response what is the result of anxiety and stress. After such a walk or meditation will one easier and sleep better.
A good night’s sleep is the remedy of choice for anxiety.


Usually, when your body is in balance, you sleep better at the somewhat changed lifestyle.

Finally, also the food choice plays a large role in getting rid of anxiety. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables (less carbs) ensures a greater balance of neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for an optimistic feeling and confidence. Stress has a particularly bad effect on your health. Stress is also one of the modifiable risk factors that can lie at the basis of cardiovascular diseases. How difficult it sometimes seems toe be, your health has lots of benefit, if you manage to have control over your stress.
Remember: only you can control stress by putting things slightly more often into perspective and be slightly less a perfectionist!
Don´t rack your brains over things, try to talk calm about it: it often takes a lot of the stress or pressure away.

anxiety 2Make sure you get a good night’s sleep: avoid coffee, stimulating drinks (cola)! Also, avoid physical efforts right before bedtime. Before going to sleep, of course, no mail check on your computer!
Take care of enough breaks during your work.
Make sure that a break is actually a moment of relaxation and scattering … and you don´t want to be disturbed!

Still suffer from stress? Then come and pay a visit to us, together we can regain the calmness and tranquillity to help with all the above points.

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