The thyroid gland and WiFi

Our experience in our practice with thyroid and WiFi.

The last time we hear from more and more people, young and old, they have a thyroid problem.

Not a problem that is really bothering as much that they say “I have a thyroid problem”. But the complaints are weird … menstruation that stays away, weird fatigue, dry stinging eyes, moisture retention, etc. etc.

As more and more clients come to our practice with this vague complaints, and it turns out via testing with the bioresonance, ithat they suffer (all!) of their thyroid, it really makes you thinking. What could be the cause of this. Of course first of all we think, like good nature doctors, about thee diet, the intestines and the acidification. That’s in the first instance always right … obviously because everything is disrupted by those thyroid.

After the very first treatment it seems succesfull. Again by a change in diet and drinking plenty of water to get rid off all the waste . That creates a huge upswing. And then … the energy level sinks again below schildklier4level, clients are coming back to us disillusioned. By those drop in energy, or the absence of a menstrual period, we are going to look further and we than we checko the thyroid gland.

All well and good that the ’cause ‘ is found, for us it is still a symptom. So we’re healing fanatically the thyroid gland. Mega success … until….yes until what actually. The energy drops namely again sooner or later again, or the complaints come back again.

At that point, question time starts. Because now we have to go find out what the actual cause is. The book of Christianne Beerlandt (key to self Sleutel tot zelfbevrijdingliberation) is no longer at use with all those clients, so is no help any more.
Fortunately, there are also very young clients, 14-20 years. And at that time the thought is there … the mobile! Direct question: Do you sleep with your mobile under your pillow?

First time when we used this question, the answer was immediately positive. That was with the absence of the menstruation. As soon as the telephone was out of the bedroom … 1.5 week later and the menstruation was back.
All the the other clients got the same question. They had either the phone as an alarm clock, or their laptop next to their bed or an iPad to watch tv before sleeping.

As soon as this was banished from the bedroom, every one trimmed noticeably without relapse. Yes … a relapse at the time someone decided the evening just before going to sleep, to work on the laptop again. That didn’t turn out very well.

In short, anyone who believes that Wi-Fi is not so unhealthy for you, just wait and see… the proof comes by itself knocking at your door!!


  1. Marijke KöhlerReply

    Hey, bedankt voor de tip. Ik ga morgen eens naar een wekker kijken als alternatief voor de telefoon. Alles goed met juliie? Lieve groet, Marijke

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