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Our lives flows gradually in a tearing rush. After the first months of relative calmness, outside the entire marketing of course, it starts to be pretty busy.


In addition to the retreat guests, what turns out to be a huge success, we have the DNA saliva analysis as a discipline as well. pure boek
Great what a development that is. Even for children there are special packages developed. A specific package for athletes, focussed on the muscles and movement, is also a possibility . Just to find out where the weakness is and what exercises are best for you, to get the desired results.
And the lucky thing is that we have arranged a discount code 😉

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Our guests are also extremely interested in how seizes everything together with us.
Everything runs seamlessly.


Nini and Maayke are also arrived and they give just that extra piece of dimension. Funny enough, there is a concentration of their age on the island.
Nini with her insight, has just reorganize our home (in terms of space and clutter than), the house has become all of a sudden, much bigger:-)

DSC_0025I’m busy with counselling in the practice, and the bioresonance gets known on the island. Even from Barcelona we receive calls for appointments. Very funny to hear and, above all, of course, every nice.

Scary spot….

Rob had an aggressive itching spon on his arm in the Netherlands. We went to the dermatological Center in Breda, where we, of course, didn´t agree with the treatment. After 2 treatments (or just looking at the spot) we drove to Leuven, Belgium. Fine treatment, ointment gotten against the troubled cells (what it appeared to be) and the suffering was gone. However, when I arrived a few weeks after his departure to Ibiza, on Ibiza it struck me that he got back to scratching. Obviously, I was worried about that. Rob started again to lubricate with weed oil on the spot and it seemed to get a bit better. But still … it looked not calm. Anyhow, I decided to let it go and I focussed fully on the lemon juice with baking soda. Never had a thought about the spot any more, until I came across an article with 75 benefits of baking soda.75% I knew already, but to be able to see in black and white that this juice on an IMG_0884empty stomach, would kill cancer cells …. That was an eye opener! All of a sudden I thought back on that weird spot. It appears that this had become very quiet, just a slightly discolored pigment stain. And looking back is that happened with the start of the lemon juice. The weed oil didn´t really work because it had to be pure on the spot, and not diluted wit olive oil. Now to see that the lemon juice is an success, this should really be shared much more often!


Yet another development is to report. Because we are in a very quiet surrounding and the practice is not yet overcrowded, we miss the large amount of people around us, though. To have guests for the retreat every week, that is also a bit much because then you are 24/7 giving treatments. As you live here mostly outside, the living space is much more than in the Netherlands. At the time that we have put the retreat on the site, the question came regularly whether we also rent out the space outside the therapy too. So an ordinary B&B than. Rob and I have been bold and done this a few times now, just to see if it works for us. For the time being, this fantastic fun. Breakfast is a IMG_6336pardIMG_1041o. I can be really creative with the breakfast, and the fun is that it is received so enthusiastic by the guests. Never thought I would like this sort of fun. But yes, and it is also so easy on Ibiza. Lemons and oranges from the garden, every day fresh orange juice is a treat for the guests. Tasty buckwheat pancakes, melon pizza and their holiday is splendid!
After the breakfast most of the time, the guests are out and come back late in the evening. So for the rest of the day you are off. In the Netherlands you have them in the house while you are there as well. But here you are outside, that is so different. And for a first year, to build up. … it is such good marketing!

If you are interested … just ask, of course:-)

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