What to do with kidney stones?

More and more clients with kidney complaints, come to our practice nowadays!pf balance
The symptoms are pain in the lower back (during walking it is sometimes getting less painfull. After drinking a lot more sometimes)!
In earlier blogs I am always talking about acidification. Acidification is the cause of nearly everything. Whether you’re having a simple cold or more serious affairs, acidification remains a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. And then you have all the pathogens in one sentence together.
An acid soil in the garden causes most of the time fungi or diseases in the plants. We are and will remain a part of nature, so we are also susceptible. A low resistance is nothing else but a PH (acidity) that is not in order.


Criteria-gezond-immuunsysteemPeople often say, you have tot have a cold every now and then. Because, so it is said, it should be good for your immune system. I agree that when you have too many antioxidants (alkaline products that counteracts acidification)it will show the same effect as too little. The cause is different though. Moreover, the outcome is the same! At too many antioxidants your immune system will become lazy. When too little your immune system will be overloaded. In both of them there will be the same result … sickness!
I (and fortunately many sensible healers with me) like the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy and 20% healthy unhealthy. That is the ideal mix. Just enough unhealthy (acidifying) products to your immune system to keep alert, but too little for acidification. So getting sick is not an issue!

What´s the cause?

More than 75 percent of all kidney problems are caused by a chronic high blood pressure, or by diabetes (all the result of long-term acidification, except diabetes 1).

There are some very simple tips to protect your kidneys.

Avoid as much as possible the classic pain relievers. People who make frequent use of those, damage their kidneys.
It is also very important to take care for proper hydration by drinking enough water. Water keeps theappelazijn kidneys healthy. Especially older men and women have problems with it because they are less aware of the need to drink plenty of fluids. The use of Apple Cider is also a good remedy. Apple Cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which softens and breaks the hard tissues of kidney stones. It helps to flush out small stones from their fully melt and break up larger stones into smaller.

Despite the sour nature, Apple Cider vinegar has an alkalizing effect on the body, blood and urine. Improves digestion, helps bicarbonate alkaline digestive problems and making it easier elimination. In addition, Apple Cider vinegar reduces the production of acid in our body. This helps prevent the build-up of kidney stones.



nierstenen_tcm375-103265Anyway it’s simple for anyone to drink daily a 1,5 l bottle of water. The mission is easy. In order to maintain healthy kidneys one must drink this bottle of water daily. With a very important note … flat water and with each glass/cup of another drink, an extra glass of water!!
It is of course also important to avoid hypertension and diabetes with all possible means of healthy products.


nierstenen 2When kidney stones are once present, then we have three options. Either you lose them spontaneously in the toilet, or you do some surgery, or (by far the least harmful) you’re going along at the bioresonance therapist. Through the vibration of bioresonance your kidney stones will fall in pieces or in sand. Mostly within two to three hours after treatment you will lose the pieces in the toilet.

IMG_0703With bioresonance one can avoid so many serious illnesses ! Actually, in many countries people go to the bioresonance therapist for prevention, when he/she cannot solve the problem the doctor will have a look at the complaint. After that, when the doctor cannot solve the problem too, one goes to the specialist.
Of course, if there are any “technical problems” (e.g. broken bone), there is a change of order.


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