oud huisLast day I heard a statement: “this treatment prolongs your life for 7 years”! That is some statement.… Frankly, when you have no acidification in your body, the prolonging can be brought up to even many more years. However, our treatments never have had the goal to extend your life. Because, you have to admit, 7 years longer but sick and weak is not you dream of being old.


It is possible!

It is possible!

Our focus is on how you live your last years. Bedridden, disabled, depressed, demented or even more of those horrid perspectives. Ór are you enjoying life for the last few years, live today instead of tomorrow. Maybe even up to the last being socially engaged. No isolation as such. In short, what you see sometimes on pictures can be reality! My parents both died in their sleep and up to the last days they were quite bright and busy. They reached the respected age of 84 and 86. These people were not affected by acidification in the body, their base was (despite the two world wars) healthy. The meat was not processed or coming from cows in stables, their fruit came out of the garden and the fish (fish auction) came from a clean sea. They drank water and no soda. Alcohol, just 1 drink every day for my father and my mom 1 sherry in the afternoon. That could not hurt because the lifestyle was particularly healthy overall. Nowadays this does not exist no longer, this healthy lifestyle.


With the wrong food habits and the busy lifestyle, it is important to deacificate continuously to keep a “healthy body”. When that acidification can be prevented by simple treatments and resources (power supply), you don’t need the doctor any more (despite of “technical problems as a broken leg”, of course). You will not trigger weak spots in your DNA, from which you, otherwise, will suffer on an older age.


Anyway, even if it seems far away as long as you’re healthy, it is a tip to think about. A security check once a year is definitely recommended. For the car, it is mandatory, but for our body (life)… We let it run its course… …..

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