yeah...healing Ibiza


The Healing Ibiza event at Atzaro.

On May 8 we are at the healing event at Atzaro.
For the first time this year there will be a healing garden, in which we will have our spot ( We will be there with the bioresonance, Rob will show that hypnosis really doesn’t have to be so scary and we give, to whom that wants, a brief introduction of family constellations.
We will be there from 15.30 to 20.00 so that we will be with the closure, the sunset ceremony.

I am looking forward to this, so I can say!
Probably next month the journalists of Ibiza vandaag will come (, with photographer, for a nice article to write. In short … the party is about to begin.

To fully enjoy our location, Rob goes meditating at sunset with a group, or individually. What people wish. Seems great to me. Delicious among orange trees at sunset to settle down and go all the way to your inner world … delicious!Sinaasappel
This can be with a group or one to one, everything is possible!
Pillows in the grass, evening sun and come to yourself …. mmmmm.

In terms of health on Ibiza it is more different than I thought. Above my expectation, a lot of people here also have hay fever and candida. Candida I did not expect, because the food comes here from the rich soil and few pesticides are used compared tot the mainland.
But yeah … that alcohol Hey, that is the culprit. It seems to be very difficult to leave the alcohol. Now I have to say that I, such a non-alcohol drinker, love the sangria so much! Glad that a carafe Sangria is a bit pricy when you order this on a terrace. So finally you order it no that many times any more. It is very easy to make at home though, but it is a lot of work with all that fruit. Fortunately, I’m lazy. A lot of work for something just delicious is, I think, a waste of my time. So that problem is also solved.
Are you a wine lover though, Ibiza is heaven for you, with the result that the candida also has found its breeding ground here.symptoms-of-candida-overgrowth

And then again we are very good at solving the ailment. … also a good nutritional advice in which you really can drink a glass of wine in time, so everyone is happy again…

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