The isle Ibiza and its inhabitants

Never too late to learn …

Ibiza is a mystery what I am slowly unravelling. Through my analytical thinking, sometimes a nuisance and sometimes a happiness, I want to understand the “why” of all that comes to me. And guess what has surprised me this past year the most?!

In our practice most of the complaints are of two types of complaints …. tired, abdominal distension and burden of intestines is the most common complaint. The other is the general complaint, hay fever or some other allergy. I never have even remotely thought, when I came to Ibiza, that these two complaints were on Ibiza as much as on the mainland….

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities. The island is so small that it always is windy, so there is always clean air. The island had to be not so long ago self sufficient, so there was only agriculture. You can still see that everywhere on the island. You can pick your food in the wild. Sheep are slaughtered and boned in the open air (100 metres away from me), only after they have had a beautiful smoking and skipping life here. In short, I think it is one of a kind place on this planet where you can be super healthy, and still … and still these complaints. …

Ibiza is also the Pine tree Island, and because it is always windy, the flowering season of these trees is pretty stressful for people with a sensitiveness to allergy. And I thought “clean air” … of course that’s right, partially though. No smogg, industry or other evils.

But dust and pollen …. woooowwwww … a lot. The flip side of wind, warmth and drought!
Ibiza is also the island where the free spirit haunts. Here is a place in Europe preserved where the spirit is still palpable and where every person can be himself, where every human is left in its value and where discrimination is not present. Most colorful people are represented here. You can walk in suit (what you see very rarely here,though), but also naked and no one who will be upset …. “whatever!” Delicious!

The downside

The downside of it is that all that the word “temptation”is present in optima forma. Seduction, enticement, temptation, … etc. All these synonyms together form a very powerful energy. You have to be very strong in your shoes when you explore the life, to be able to resist. Everything about “forbidden fruit” is on this island. And also very nearby …

Those drawbacks I have,  as older, wiser and powerful personality, never figured out in Netherlands. I am and was never tempted by those drawbacks.

I’m not allergy sensitive, so I figured out that the allergies that we create in the Netherlands were the result of the pollution.

An allergy sensitive person, however, looks very different to an island as Ibiza… “wooowww, wind, dry, pine …. help!” When I had asked someone, they sure as hell would have told me in advance!

The temptations are equal to the intestinal problems and as so the candida infection. But yes, if you are not sensitive yourself, you don’t have connections, and yet prepare yourself for having the practice on the island, you cannot suspect that the people are not that healthy as you might think.

Much alcohol, little sleep, drugs, sugar kicks, much eating.. etc. etc.

When you are younger, it seems that your body is capable to absorb that all. However, if you are between the 30 and 40, the body is already so damaged that the complaints are starting to come. While just at that age most people are coming to there senses, and generally (on Ibiza) they turn into a healthy lifestyle. And since people have learned very quickly on Ibiza, “you live in the now!”, you don’t understand the complaints because you are living a healthy life.

Fact is that because of your healthy life, your body is finally getting the chance to clean up. Your body cleans up in a very rapid way, creating so much waste that you literally sours. And it is precisely that acidification what reduces the resistance.

How often isn´t said: “in the past I lived a full life and was never sick, now I live healthy and am full of complaints” the above makes much clear I think.

Even clearer is when I make a comparison with a room. See your body as a room full of furniture and trinkets. Very nice, but crowded. Always looks clean and dust free. All of a sudden you get the spirit and want to minimize. Clean up, throw away, change. The room is empty and to your horror you see the dust clouds over the floor. Vacuuming removes the dust, but also blows dust from corners where you didn’t even know there was dust…….

I think this gives some insight in how the body works. Despite that I know so well how it works, I did not have the ability to think that so many people on Ibiza were infected with candida.

I had me figured out that there would be injuries (the many sports and gyms), many flu and colds (back and forwards to the Mainland and by that come into contact with the prevailing flew), but the complaints which we see here, I really had never figured that out.

So you see … it is never too late to learn:-)


Meanwhile I have already earned my nickname on the island …. Guru Gaby … and how did I get that? That is to read in this blog:


  1. DickReply

    Leuk geschreven Gaby…
    Weer eens wat anders dan waar zijn de leuke strandjes… waar moet ik eten… waar kan ik een huis huren / kopen…,…
    Ga je volgen..
    Have fun

    • Gaby van WijlenReply

      Dank je wel Dick, ik probeer te schrijven zoals ik praat en vooral zoals ik het ervaar. Ben gek op het menselijk ras met al zijn aparte trekjes, dat maakt Ibiza een waar paradijs kan ik je vertellen.

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