The market


Today I blog about my experiences and impressions on the market. I really would never ever think of having a stall outside in the Netherlands.

Firstly, it simply is always too cold for me, even in the summer. One must be ready at 8 am!!!

Secondly, if only the laws and regulations (per municipality different) keep a man opposed to start.

Thirdly, I am not a “standing -woman” and I have never seen someone in the Netherlands on the market sitting behind his or her stall. Imagine this: 5 am being on the market, setting up the stall, it is cold and then all day standing! One must recover for a whole week after such a day….


I have always had deep respect or these people. I always went for my materials to Dhimo on the Breda market. What am I missing that stall! I you ask me what I miss most in Ibiza after one year, it is that specific stall. Always cheerful, always helpful, always Dhimo who is in for a chat and he knew exactly what you liked or didn’t´t. So, I didn’t´t waste time there because I had chosen my  material in a split second, thanks to Dhimo. After that I left him in the cold to warm my self up at the stove… (feeling really sorry for Dhimo)


On Ibiza it is a different story. In terms of Ibiza you have waken up very early (….at 08.30 am present on the market if you don´t have a firm place. For us this means to leave at 08.25. For people who live “far away”, 08.10) 

It´s never been this cold here as in the Netherlands. Oh yes, one complains though…but I have had a stall from 1 January and stood outside all day (eyyy…SAT) without really freezing. So the complaining is a luxury problem, though. You have read it….I sit behind my table weaving beads and because it is not cold, people watch, chat and they are also sure that they will get the undivided attention.


For me, as a therapist, the market is a Mecca. I love human beings, all human! Everyone has a story, his/her own story and all those stories are always interesting!

Even if they do not chat it is magnificent to see the body language, the non-verbal communication. The communication of couples who visit the market walk are really funny now and then. The colours of my stall attracts attention. That is people´s habit, glitter and glamour (color and shine) get attention. But the speed at which (usually) the men think is matchless. You see in fractions of seconds all thoughts flashes on their face, after which immediately the action is present. And I am not talking about once in a while ey, I can surely speak of research in the meantime. Research of a large group even…

The flashes (all in less than 2 minutes!) of the men include:

1st.. Hey what is that 

2nd.. Oh dear…

3rd … I look the other way because if she sees this…

4th.. ..(when the woman runs slower) he pulls her(and this is really firm sometimes)to the other side

5th Standin at another stall (which is not threatening for him) and talk to her (distract her) while she, also with flashes, looks at my stall each time (the colors and shine) 

6th he looks at his watch and will continue the walk  … soooooooo they go 

At first I thought , “Ey what a dominant guy “. The second time I thought, “really such a macho Spaniard” (ehhh judging….). At the third I thought “huh, a Dutchman who treats his wife this way?” And then I decided to just look and see how often this actually happened. Now I see that (mostly) men see the bling bling (lots of color and gloss) very far in advance. They seem to see this markets simply as a war zone. For comedians, this would be a fantastic item for their show. You can fill in an evening.

Eye opener

Really an eye opening experience for me. What also happened, since I have men bracelets there are men who also want to look at my stall and now they seem to have less problems by letting their wife also have a look. It has something to do with “when there is something for me, it is ok for you to look as well”

Indeed, this cast will never change. And in this century the alternative cavemen techniques are still on, it will never be different . And let’s face it ey, the women let this behavior, to my amazement, just happen! Women do (at least a large group) not expect or want equality. In that non-verbal attitude you see a clear difference in equality. I’m not talking about a balance, because undoubtedly this will be rectified at home on another point, but purely seeing what prevails (the interest of the men or the interest of the woman), you may presume that there is still a subordination of women.


Clear, very clear, is also that my work as counseller/coach no way is ending. I will continue to work until I drop dead, because of that group of people where I talked about, is maybe 75% happy in that condition … but those 25% who are not at all happy with the situation … They will sooner or later be knocking at the door for help, with me or another therapist …


So, in short, the market on Ibiza has everything for my being,  but only because the market is here, on Ibiza, in this climate. For me, it’s a win-win situation:

  • good weather
  • homely
  • observation
  • lovely weaving with my beads  (for me meditative)
  • chatting with a great diversity of people (a delight to hear their story) and
  • generating an income, which is lovely as well….

Lucky me, Saturday I am there again,

maybe I see you at Las Dalias or San Joan 

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