Old Year – New Year

The old year-the new year

As almost everyone does at the end of the year, we make up our mind. How did it go last year …are we going to do the same, do we have to change some or are we going to change radically.roer-omgooien

Departure Ibiza

It is clear that we have reversed our life in 2015/2016 with our departure to Ibiza. The Cosmos was in a good mood and the move ran like clockwork. Our goal was very rosy, we wanted to have a thriving practice within half a year. Of course we knew that this was a very ambitious plan. No one knew who we were on Ibiza, indeed … bioresonance … What is that??!! So I threw myself on the marketing. That this worked was clear after a short time. People saluted us, and we didn’t know who they were. Once in conversation came the fame of the marketing strategy. In short, marketing works for the brand recognition, so that we continued.


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