The influence of light

The influence of light on our immune system.

londen bij nachtAfter I was with Nini in London last time, a feeling came to me that all that light cannot be healthy for us. She lives on the outskirts of London and it is there really never dark. Light shining through the blinds in the rooms. Light of street light, light in the gardens, car ´ s, you name it. The biorhythm must be affected somehow. So after some research I came upon some remarkable facts.

Why our eyes are so important.

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What to do with kidney stones?

More and more clients with kidney complaints, come to our practice nowadays!pf balance
The symptoms are pain in the lower back (during walking it is sometimes getting less painfull. After drinking a lot more sometimes)!
In earlier blogs I am always talking about acidification. Acidification is the cause of nearly everything. Whether you’re having a simple cold or more serious affairs, acidification remains a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. And then you have all the pathogens in one sentence together.
An acid soil in the garden causes most of the time fungi or diseases in the plants. We are and will remain a part of nature, so we are also susceptible. A low resistance is nothing else but a PH (acidity) that is not in order.


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What a hassle with Social media!

I have never thought that I would ever so delve into social media ….. My goodness, what a hassle. Facebook I can survive, but twitter… After that you must also delve into instagram and it turns out that pinterest is not only for the hobbyist, but also a social media activity. And all that you can point out to each other …..
In the meantime I seem to become a real expert on that area, and, who would have believed such, I’m actually going to like it too!


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Stress…and now?


Oké…Let’s talk about, once again, this fantastic subject … (sarcastic).

In former days people used to look at people with stress, as they were very weird. Nowadays people look to people without stress as if they are weird….. .

Stressed out

stressI still remember my father. He came home sick. “He’s stressed out”, the doctor said. We had to be very quiet, and we had to be careful to not make him angry (said to a child of 6 years!). That was dangerous if you were stressed out. The doctor told that something could burst in his brain, and then the damage would be horrible.
That was 52 years ago. My father then was 56 years!
Hmmm …. it all seems none the less dangerous than that we thought. I see nowadays so many people stressed or nearly stressed-out, and the amount of “burn-outs” are not countable any more.

Anxiety and Stress

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oud huisLast day I heard a statement: “this treatment prolongs your life for 7 years”! That is some statement.… Frankly, when you have no acidification in your body, the prolonging can be brought up to even many more years. However, our treatments never have had the goal to extend your life. Because, you have to admit, 7 years longer but sick and weak is not you dream of being old.


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IMG_5436This month was heartwarming! All those old clients who did come along. They loved our “project”  and felt welcome by our hospitality. That was the reason over all that we moved to Ibiza. Purely to be able to share, more than being a therapist and  the work that you do. Now we can summarize everything. And share our hospitality, our house and our expertise. Over the years, may I add, we have got a lot of knowledge, and what is the use of this knowledge if you can´t share or propagate.
In the Netherlands this was tricky, then you are extremely limited there by the laws and the weather.y limited.

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