Taking medicine?? Why??

Are you fed up with swallowing medication?

Pharma-does-not-create-cures-they-create-customersThe medicine which are swallowed in the world, has become a very common issue. Of course it is  “great” that we do have the knowledge acquired to make medications and have lots of medications in stock. Unfortunately, selling medication has gradually become a whole industry on itself. Medications have to be sold to keep this industry turning. A lot of people are swallowing medications though, not for their health, but as a guarantee to continue the profit. This is a totally different approach than most of people are grown up with, by tradition


Let’s be critical.

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keep-calm-it-s-just-hypnosis-1Today I like to tell you something about the wonderful world of hypnosis. So many people have here fear for hypnosis. That’s totally not necessary. This fear is fed by the public but … any hypnotist, when you believe the stories, could change you for always in a wannabee frog. That would be nice, because if all that could be, than it would be a peace of cake to achieve world peace.
There are so many people today that can hypnotize, then that would be achieved in an instance.

With other words….nothing can happen that you don´t want to let happen.

I´ll give you the link here to a dutch advertisement of an insurance company “just call Apeldoorn”. The acupuncturist leaves his client behind in a burning house, full with needles….
That is, of course, fiction, because once your brain doesn´t want something to happen, then it will not happen.

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zonneallergieHow many people do complain about this in recent years. Really incredible!
Sun-rash is nothing else than the moisture (sweat) on your skin which contains too much acid. What, most of the time, will be rubbed in with a suncare product (of course with a factor!).
That is really not the way to handle your skin. Because the general opinion has become that Sun is very bad for you, we are going to dress up from the Sun and, much more, we use lots of sun protection lotions.
Besides the fact that we, because of this silly behavior, do get a vit D deficiency as a result of banning the Sun, it is also true that our skin makes no, or inadequate, pigment. Our skin has forgotten how to do so. After all, baby’s have to wear hats (yeah nice, holds the heat well … so one can wait for the heat stroke), wearing a t-shirt too etc. We (as parents) are sitting under the parasol, smeared and dressed.
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Past, Present and Future


What a week it was, last week! We have put our best friends on the plane back home, and picked up the work that should have IMG_5259been done earlier. Rob went to Barcelona by boat to fetch the dog of our daughter in Barcelona. She drove with her former friend from London to Barcelona, to meet with Rob in Barcelona. Same day he went back again with dog of course. The fast ferry seems not yet to go to Ibiza from Barcelona. I really believe to have seen that you could reach Ibiza in 2 hours last year ….. weird …


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Do you also suffer from cellulite?

Everywhere you can hear the same complaint as the bikini weather is starting. “That bubbly skin, I wish I could get rid of it”.
FietsenDon´t worry, you can! Because cellulite is caused by yourself,  you can also get rid of it yourself.
Dutch women were once famous for their beautiful legs. Logical too, because The Netherlands is a bicycle country par excellence. The food was still full and soft drinks were minimal, as also consuming sugars was at a low level.
Those are all ingredients for beautiful legs and bellies without cellulite. Today, it is a very different story. We get in the car, exercise only two to three times a week (if you are lucky) and actually eat food that is not at all good for us. A tasty soft drink and the thirst is gone, so drinking water is almost not done any more.

80% of women have cellulite, by acidification.

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The little pleasures of life!

Finally some time to blog again.2016-05-08 05.55.40

The Healing Ibiza day at Atzaro is finished. What was that a nice and cozy day. We have had several nice  conversations and we´ve people tested and helped with their health. It was really a successful day!

We have much told about nutrition. People were surprised to hear that bananas were´nt really as healthy as they thought, mainly with bowel complaints. And so much joy when strawberries appeared to be healthy and so allowed in comparison with the bowels… in short, we have shared many insights. Read more