The thyroid gland and WiFi

Our experience in our practice with thyroid and WiFi.

The last time we hear from more and more people, young and old, they have a thyroid problem.

Not a problem that is really bothering as much that they say “I have a thyroid problem”. But the complaints are weird … menstruation that stays away, weird fatigue, dry stinging eyes, moisture retention, etc. etc.

As more and more clients come to our practice with this vague complaints, and it turns out via testing with the bioresonance, ithat they suffer (all!) of their thyroid, it really makes you thinking. What could be the cause of this. Of course first of all we think, like good nature doctors, about thee diet, the intestines and the acidification. That’s in the first instance always right … obviously because everything is disrupted by those thyroid.

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The month of May is full with activities.. Maayke and Nini (daughters) come to spend their holiday with us, we finally see our best friends, who will come for a week. Many former clients come to have their vacation in Ibiza, and want to have just a cup of coffee (Brabants… “bakkie”) with us. Some want still a treatment or a check as in the old days. In short, the month of May is fully booked and the season is not even really started!

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yeah...healing Ibiza


The Healing Ibiza event at Atzaro.

On May 8 we are at the healing event at Atzaro.
For the first time this year there will be a healing garden, in which we will have our spot ( We will be there with the bioresonance, Rob will show that hypnosis really doesn’t have to be so scary and we give, to whom that wants, a brief introduction of family constellations.
We will be there from 15.30 to 20.00 so that we will be with the closure, the sunset ceremony.
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Een enkele toerist is er al



Just before I would travel to England, I made a huge fall in the garden. Chin on planter, teeth through the lip, ribs bruised and 4 teeth loose.
Oh well, as I said to the children, we are almost never sick because of the bioresonance. The Cosmos will find another way for you to take care for your rest.
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Fresh start on Ibiza

Our first quarter of Ibiza.

After hectic weeks in which Rob already was on Ibiza and I (Gaby) was still busy the transfer of the practice, settling down on Ibiza was a wonder, full of joy and satisfaction.
Until this day we have never regretted our decision. Via Messenger, mail and FaceTime we still have regular contact with our clients, making it the Ibiza-happening just an extension of Netherland.
London, where Nini lives, is even easier to reach via Ibiza than via the Netherlands and, even more fun, much cheaper too.
So soon 4 days London planned:-)
Maayke is in her last months in Netherlands and comes to Ibiza. She´s got a year from her school (where she works as a teacher) to find out whether she wants to stay and if she can earn a living here.

The House fits us like a glove and the separate practice is splendid.
Look at our unsprayed orange trees, and bliss is there.
Gradually, after our facebookcampaign, our name is flying over the island. People recognize us by our website photos.
Bioresonance is, funny enough, not a known concept on Ibiza. A few know it and make appointments but most don´t understand what we actually do.
A challenge that we already have experienced in Holland, so a known experience. We do it again and this will become a success again.

Through the experience with our guests (Oh yes, they have already been there) , we have decided to open a retreat. (See the menu on the website). We open for two weeks in the month, one week at a time. So we also still have time for ourselves and for the practice.

The tourist season is starting, and everyone is in full anticipation for the coming crowds, we’re will experience it the coming months:-)

Regularly I will be here with blogs, sometimes with what we experience, other times about things that are important for your health.

On FB page I will continue to send linka, but the real movement will be here on the website.