Winter on Ibiza

looking-back-and-moving-forwardLooking back over the past year.

It has been a while since I’ve written my last blog. On Ibiza “never a dull moment” we have to say.

It has been almost a year since we settled down in Ibiza and it seems like yesterday. No day has been the same, and no day is predictable. Even in temperature as in ordinary life nothing is predictable. One can make plans, but you better don´t, because it will run different though.

Looking back, this year we have done our personal things, just those that we like to do and that could keep us from the costs as well. After all, setting up a practice takes a while and in the meantime the costs continue. We did not want to survive but just with building up the G&R practice.

G&R Adviceblij

The practice attracts more and more, it is fantastic to see once again that our energy and our knowledge make people happy. Happy with the more insight into their body, their lifestyle change or a simple change a little something in there lifestyle so to get their energy supply. A little help from the bioresonance does wonders in that respect.

Dogs Whisperer

Without really heighten awareness to my discipline “Dog Whisperer”, people know me as well in that discipline. That, however, remains a hobby and will never be the main part of our existence. Nevertheless, a lot of fun to do.


Rob is busy with the hypnosis. Also that way becomes more and more by the people found and. Beautiful to see the successes and we are also happy to throw another look at hypnosis than all those show program´s. Hypnosis is such a beautiful phenomenon, that it’s just a pity that it is not used much more often.


a5c94987-5cd4-4d89-8337-f96e5162a4d2As many know it is also my hobby to get creative. Jewellery, bags and clothing for xxl and baby ´s/children. Since I have in the meantime a whole collection, I am approached by someone in the sales. My products will be in several stores next summer on Ibiza. That also gives a proud feeling.

In short, we are pretty established.

Winter on Ibiza

Winter on Ibiza is for us to get the inhabitants of Ibiza more and more. Maayke and Nini are also integrating here. From November Nini has a  home together with her boyfriend. Via Maayke and Nini we learn more and more people know. Quite handy if you’re not really “outgoing” from nature. To expire parties expire is not our favorite purpose in life, so living in the campo is than a handicap. But with the practice running and the children around us, it works the right way.


We did the B&B this summer, which turned out to be very nice, to our surprise. In the Netherlands I had never thought that we would start up a B&B. But once here on Ibiza, in the countryside and without a busy practice, you’re missing the people though. Since we live most of the time outside it has been no problem at all to enjoy the guests and in order to serve a nice breakfast. So it’s no trouble at all and very cozy. There is also no one about whom we said, “what were those terrible”. Everyone had his story, and everyone was nice.


In the winter, we are also open, it’s just wait and see how we go. Of course than the guests will be more in the private zone, but with the fire on and Christmas coming is that also a nice prospect. We will make it go, and I’ll keep you posted.

In addition, the retreat is also in the winter, right then it’s delicious on Ibiza in order “to find yourself, or to repent”. Not all those tourists, but an island with plenty of attractions, beautiful scenery and good weather. People who do not like the heat of 40 degrees but like the sun with a likable temperature, are exactly in place in the winter. No wonder people find the winter months in Spain so delicious.

In short … for those who like, feel welcome on Ibiza, it’s worth it!



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