Why meditation is good for your health!

meditatie 5Meditation

Meditation is much more than just relaxation. Numerous studies show that meditation helps in lasting emotional balance.

Every time when we say in our practice, “practice meditation”, just do meditation for 15 minutes or half an hour, it is received with a smile (skeptical). When a medicine, however, would be offered with all the benefits of meditation, the newspapers were written all over.
And all those advantages are within your own range. A simple activity that is totally free, or with guidance against low costs. You only need yourself, no chemicals or books.

1. Lasting emotional balance

Research has shown that meditation can help to create a lasting emotional balance, even when you’re not meditating.kikker meditatie
Meditation calms and is so positive in our daily hectic life.

 2. Induce sympathy

David DeSteno, researcher, says: “the real surprise of this research is that meditation let people behave themselves more dignified – to help another who suffers – even if the environment tells you not to do this.”

People turn out to be compassionate when they meditate regularly. It would be a pleasant change for the whole world if this could be accomplished.

3. Change of brain structures

meditatie 3Meditation is such a powerful technique that, after only 8 weeks, the brain structures change.
Britta Hölzel, a head researcher, says: “it’s fascinating to see the flexibility of the brain and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing our brains and our well-being and our quality of life.”

4. Reduce pain

One of the benefits of changes to the brain structure is that regular practitioners of meditation experienced less pain. Certain areas in the cortex seem to be thicker, making the pain less sensitive.

5. Improving the thinking ability

When doing only an 80-minute meditation, spread over 4 days, the working memory improves significantly. The concentration can be improved by 15% to 50%.

6. Meditate to create

The correct form of meditation can help to solve creative problems. An ‘ open monitoring ‘ meditation concentrates the vision on breathing to the spirit, this ensures that your creative range is many times larger and that the ideas so freely flow.

7. Better focus of attention

Meditation is actually the same as learning to focus. A Mindfulness Meditation course has already had result for many times. Research indicates that a group that has done this form of meditation, were better in pointing their attention than a group that had not done so.

8. Work performance

Because meditation benefits on many brain areas, benefits should also be seen in the labour process. After testing it shows that meditating managers kept their attention in their task and had also less stress as a result of this.

9. Reducing anxiety

Meditation is often recommended as an exercise for people with anxiety. In my eyes it is a logical link. When you can calm yourself, you can also control your fear.

10 prevention of depression

One of the biggest symptoms in depression is mulling. Depressive thoughts that stay around squirming in our heads. meditatie 2Unfortunately one cannot simply say to a depressed person to stop doom-mongering, which is pointless.
A method that can help is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is about living in the now, instead of focusing on pain from the past or future.

If you feel that you would like to learn meditating, or may be you want to meditate under guidance, you can do so with us on Ibiza.

Two nice things at the same time. A wonderful week on Ibiza under the sun and a week of meditation. Then you go home afterwards, as if you are reborn!

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