Hypnosis is a pleasant method in which there is a calm and relaxed state of mind and body where everything is observed and there is a direct access to the subconscious mind. In this state there is the possibility to influence the subconscious mind and change the ideas , beliefs and emotions that are undesirable. For example, the belief that you are a smoker can be converted into a new form, namely I am not a smoker. The subconscious mind is the basis of all our behavior;of both our emotions and our physical appearance. It contains all the information that we think; reasoning, experience, feeling, and our body represents those thoughts. Programming takes place throughout our lives and has as main purpose to protect the body and the mind. Experiences and observations are interpreted and stored. On this basis, we live. Changing this programming in everyday life is very difficult and slow. Without a subconscious change, willpower will not be enough. It will suffice for a while but will eventually fail.
In the background there is always still that little voice that lets you grab a cigarette, your inside voice tells you that you can take that one cookie that’s calling, because whatever you do will never be good enough.

“The new 2015-hypnosis methods have an almost incredible door opened for quick healing, in any field!”

A frequently asked question: than anything is possible with hypnosis?

Simple answer: If it is technically possible, then a resounding Yes!
When is it not technically possible? Well, if we ask for to break the laws of nature, it is obviously not possible of course, but for all physical complaints is theoretically possible, unless the “ingredients” are not present or when there are “missing parts”. Roughly translated, this means for example that it would not be possible only when a foreign substance would be required (e.g. potassium as “ingredient”), or a leg what should grow after an amputation (“components”). Also the health of the immune system is, of course, important.. For the mental (psychic) complaints are, in any case, all amenities always already present! That is the part where we work with, and for a real good hypnotist always the fastest way to adjustments.

All this means that recovery is possible of e.g. nerves, muscles, cells, organs and tissues in a natural way. Usually faster, safer and healthier, or a combination of these.

This is fortunately the reality. And how much this is now even against your faith or knowledge, into almost every day, we are witnessing the most wonderful healings! Incredibly beautiful things: we can with our psyche a lot more than we think we can.

So if you are not convinced, and you this still would like to be (we work closely wirh the medical world) then we would like to hear from you via our contact form, by phone or by email.
We’ll prove it to you!

A list of applications with Hypnosis:quit smoking

• Losing weight
• Stop smoking or any other unwanted habit
• Sleeping problems (falling asleep, staying asleep, snoring, apnea, narcolepsy, parasomnie) Phobias/fears (each category)
• Anorexia. Bulimia. Obesity. Morbid obesity,.
• Addictions (e.g. alcohol, gambling, soft and hard drugs and any other addiction)
• Self confidence, self esteem, social environment.
• Stress and stress related problems in public.
• Motivations, inner peace, stuttering, nail-biting.
• Sport: golf, tennis, bowling, football etc. and general performance self-esteem, jealousy, depression, anxiety.
• Trust decisions, crisis management, confidence.
• Relationship problems (before/after relationship, sex, fertility, influence)
• Traumatic event processing, learn to enjoy Irritations , lying, stealing, self-harm, forgiveness.
• Financial worries, saving, self-discipline, optimism.
• More laughter, find a new job, make a decision
• Be a successful seller, good parent,
• Dare to say NO,
• Guilt, impotence, bed wetting,
• Writers-block
• Learn to deal with difficult/angry/shy people