In our practice it is possible to get a complete picture, via the Rayocomp  PS 1000 polar, of  your physical as well as your mental health.

Bioresonance therapy

As you know, it is quite difficult to treat many diseases with normal medications, particularly chronic and allergic conditions. After heart-surgery or stroke, or with asthma, allergic reaction to cats etc. people are often condemned, for te rest of their lives, to swallow symptom suppressant pills (because they do not cure). To help our clients efficiently and effectively, we have sought, in the world of diagnostics and therapy, an energetic option. Our choice became the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar and bioresonance therapy. Bioresonance therapy is a painless way of treating a wide range of disorders. This therapy is extremely efffictive because it addresses the real hidden causes of disease processes, in addition it is free from harmful side effects (in 20 years we have seen none).

2016-05-06 00.22.32Bioresonance means everything in vibration can vibrate with each other, as long as the frequency patterns match of if you ar sensitive tot the particular vibrations. We live in a world with increasingly disruptive influences, which makes it difficult for more and more people to stay imbalance and be healthy. For a long time we managed to strengthen ourself healing power and resilience by classic homeopathy and fortunately people still us that form of healing. But more and more, the extra load of imbalance in our systems issue great that it is not always  possible to restore the balance with only homeopathy or other types of therapy.

Think of our food that often  no longer contains what it should contain, such as micro-nutrients and which often contains much more than it should contain (dyes, preservatives, pesticides, etc.)

Also think of the environmental pollution, which increased exponentially in recent years. As with the exterior environment, in which we live, the interior environment, our own body, is equally affected by vaccinations, chemical medicines, surgery,etc.

So we are, with the equipment of the 21st century, in a position to do very precise diagnostics, in which finding difficult to diagnose causes, can be traced anyway.

In the big field of possibilities of available equipment we have chosen the “Rayocomp” because this was, in addition to the extensive diagnostic capabilities, te most dedicated company, offering comprehensive therapeutic possibilities.

imageYou can think in particular of allergies, loaded by germs (viruses, fungi and bacteria and other parasites), intoxications and disruption by electro smog (radio waves, gsm equipment, computers, etc.) and geopathic stress (earth rays and water eins). The number of people with allergy symptoms n the last 10-15 years has doubled it seems that the speed with which allergies are increasing sever higher. Rayocomp can also detect much rarer infections, like all zoonoses (diseases transmitted by animals) such as Lyme, cat scratch disease, etc. Many  chronic complaints are caused by intoxications which you haven`t thought of and which are often not yet measurable. The Rayocomp detects them and  can correct them immediately.


We can test on a very extensive are, but the most common are:

  • food intolerance
  • an allergy test on 280 products
  • acidification and cholesterol
  • vitality of the organs
  • radiation exposure of the body (geopathic, electricity radiation, display, GSM, etc.)
  • parastes, fungi, bacteria and viruses
  • shortages of vitamins and minerals
  • overload of amalgam
  • mental and physical backgrounds that are disruptive and/or pathetic

Where as lots of therapies are a possibility for adults only, the bioresonance is also for children and animals a gentle solution.

So the world of bioresonance is a very welcome addition in the practice of G&R Advice.