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The Healing Ibiza day at Atzaro is finished. What was that a nice and cozy day. We have had several nice  conversations and we´ve people tested and helped with their health. It was really a successful day!

We have much told about nutrition. People were surprised to hear that bananas were´nt really as healthy as they thought, mainly with bowel complaints. And so much joy when strawberries appeared to be healthy and so allowed in comparison with the bowels… in short, we have shared many insights.IMG_4026

The Saturday before Healing Ibiza,we brought our youngest daughter to the airport. BIMG_3412oth daughters stayed two weeks with us. It was a real pleasure to have them with us again.To know for sure now that both daughters will move to Ibiza and make their career here, is very pleasant to.



Last week

Last week friends came over, that was only party! Every night they cooked for us, and not just cooked but very tasting cooking! The bbq is inaugurated and frequently used, delicious with lots of chatting of course. The week was just too short, so they have to book again as soon as possible 🙂

The room for the retreat is almost finished now, soon I will put the photo´s on the site ( Just a bit painting and it is ready for more guests.

Even more places are created for the hammocks, this is for after the meditation sessions … afterwords chilling in the hammock. To read a book, listen to some music or just nothing at all, just lazy among the orange trees. Everything is possible, even a quick swim is possible!
For meditation, it is ready to book now!

Working in the garden was for Rob a lot better together with Peter (friend), the lawn is beautiful again and that shows a lot more inviting.

The island is already full of tourists, hustle and bustle all over. Although I think it is very nice, it is also a strange sensation that a so peaceful and quiet island, can change in an instant. The restaurants are so crowded that you have to book in advance for a bite to eat.
Balafia is such a restaurant. Delicious to eat, the garden is very attractive and lots of people think the same …. We book 2 days in advance now!

Next time I will write something about the benefits of Ibiza, besides the relaxed holidays you can have here. There is so much more that people need to find out!

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