Meditate on the sunny island of Ibiza.

The feeling that you really are just completely loose of the Earth, through the love stone (d) meditation …

Under the inspiring leadership of Rob we give meditations in our garden. How nice is that? Just being focused on a voice that IMG_5241takes you to a quiet and safe place, a place that is not on google maps, also a place that you will not find during your stay in Ibiza.

Many have meditated in their lives, but what this meditation makes so special is not only the beautiful garden where you are located, but also the hammocks where you will literally float away. The feeling that you really are completely loose of the Earth, through the love stone (d) meditation …

Have you ever give it a thought to not only going your body some peace but also your mind?

During the love stone(d) meditation you choose your own mandala stone. This stone will have  a central position as object, so you fill yourself as well as the stone, with love and strength. Not only during the meditation the stone can guide you, but each time when you, after the meditation is over, look at the stone or touch the stone, you will be reminded at the beautiful world within yourself. It could be described as the world full of love……

These sessions can happen between the orange trees at sunset or during the day. But even on a beautiful spot on the island. The meditation can be adapted as you like (e.g. one-on-one or in a group event…).

Meditation in our garden

After meditating in our garden there will be the opportunity for hammock relaxation, also between the orange trees, and a cup of fresh mint tea or fresh orange juice to drink. It is also possible to relax at the pool and cool off after meditating.

The whole meditation will take about an hour, of course depending on the time needed to return to the reality. The time for relaxation afterwards will take, according to the time of meditation, so about 2 hours.

For more information or to make an appointment, you can contact us.