What can Cosmos do for me?!


kosmos-5Cosmos, universe, allness, etc. That are concrete words. What actually is meant is the wholeness of the energy that we all “know” . That part of “our humanity” what is never lost. Nature is so a mighty. The creations made by nature are never created to delete them again. That little computer inside us is never imitated. With all our knowledge of technology people have never succeeded to copy that thinking of us, our soul. And even, when that would happen, we are already so much more developed in our thinking, that the developers still will run behind the facts.
How beautiful is that ….


Becoming aware, reveals a range of possibilities. Because if that energy bubble (all the energy of deceased people) exists, and we bewustwordingcould throw out a line to that “intelligence” then we wouldn’t need to find out every time the same thingst!
The bad thing of us humans is that we have a clear sense on the one side which helps us in the everyday life and on the other side this same sense also blocks (yin and yang ).
So our bright mind know that we can draw from much more knowledge than just the books from the library, but our mind wants to see concrete things at the same time. And that is just not possible with all those stocked energy/intelligence in the cosmos.


trustHow is that bubble of energy reachable. Actually quite easy. With trust. Confidence that at the right time the right line to the Cosmos will be there. In this way, turn off your common sense, that piece of brain wants to specify everything.
And when you have mastered and understood …. then suddenly may many doors open. It is mighty to see how cosmos works. You can actually create your own world. The mantras are there for a reason. These are not made by stupid people. Those people are deeply sensitive people who understand what it’s all about in the world and how you can achieve your goals. It always starts and ends with trust. The mantras are intended to convince yourself. Whatever you need in this life. It is also called the law of attraction.


We know the saying though.. ” he is not born with luck on his shoulder “. Someone who is always losing stuff, gets the sack everymantra time, just name all the misery. At any given time you will bring this in the world. “I’m always missing everything” “no one is waiting for me” ” everything goes wrong with me, every time” “Why me” etc etc. That is also trust, only then negative. Trust that “something” will fail. If that works then the opposite works as well (again, yin and yang)!
This are the mantras for. For some reason, people do better calling the negative then the other way around. When someone always is financially lucky, people say “always the same people get lucky” … No one who ever examines how that person´s lifestyle is, “what he calls about himself (mantra = call)”


kosmos-4For example, I am the greatest example. Most people around me know that though. It started, after a lot of misery, with setting up the practice. At one point I had only clients of very old age. Of course I was happy with these people, and I loved to be able to help them. For the balance in practice however, it was better that the age would show some diversity. I called that one night out to Rob (partner), and this came really from deep down. Exactly the next day, the phone calls. Arrangements with children, babies and toddlers. That was the point that I started practicing with the cosmos.
We needed a home with a practice on the ground floor (because of the older clients). This came to us within a week, and also within our budget. After a few years I wanted to move from the district to the countryside. That wish came from deep down..after a bit looking around and searching where we exactly wanted to move to we found the ultimate place. Easily accessible for clients, lots of space around the house and countryside. On top of this, it was a rental house. We needed that for our dream to go abroad in time. Unfortunately … it was rented out … hmmm the Cosmos was not so favourable this time. I experienced that as particularly strange, but had at the same time, something like “it will be good for something”. After 3 months we passed by the house and there it was…the house was again for rent…. Of course I phoned the agency at once. And sure enough, it could be rented by us, but now with…. a new kitchen, new bathroom, new wood floor and … a wonderful outdoor space as practice. Three months earlier, we had to build this all by ourselves. The Cosmos knows what you need if you always keep your trust.


Ibiza was exactly the same story. Everyone knows that a home on Ibiza is hard to find, if you also do not want to pay the topIMG_1042 prices.
I have thrown my entire confidence in the Cosmos with (very ambitious and daring) a wish list.
Two weeks in October, we had only two weeks to find a home. After the first week (with that bright common sense which is always waiting in a corner) some anxiety drops came on my forehead. When I thought that Cosmos was to busy with other business for me, all of a sudden google showed me an agent which I hadn´t seen before.
After calling him, I got a list with houses. Three of those I liked, but before I could ring him back, he called me. He had the best house ever for us, I had to forget about his list. Just go and look for this house.
Really…it was exactly the point where we wanted to live, the whole wishlist was available and within our budget too.

The cosmos works for you so hard…but only when your trust is there.

Love and trust

vertrouwenWith all of the above, it is not difficult to realize that when we all have the confidence everything will turn out well, it certainly will turn out well everywhere in the world. That fear never ever should reign and if you feel negative emotions, a mantra (prayer, affirmation, saying, thought which is repeated each time) will push you quite lovingly in the right direction again.



If you feel that trust is leaving you and a mantra doesn´t do the work for you because something is holding you back, we are here for you to help you to find your confidence again and show you the way of keeping that confidence.

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  1. Taylor HansenReply

    It’s good to know that you can gain energy and intelligence from the cosmos. My sister was telling me how beneficial cosmic therapy has been for her and I’m thinking of trying it out. I’ll be sure to look for a specialist that can help me through my cosmic journey.

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