keep-calm-it-s-just-hypnosis-1Today I like to tell you something about the wonderful world of hypnosis. So many people have here fear for hypnosis. That’s totally not necessary. This fear is fed by the public but … any hypnotist, when you believe the stories, could change you for always in a wannabee frog. That would be nice, because if all that could be, than it would be a peace of cake to achieve world peace.
There are so many people today that can hypnotize, then that would be achieved in an instance.

With other words….nothing can happen that you don´t want to let happen.

I´ll give you the link here to a dutch advertisement of an insurance company “just call Apeldoorn”. The acupuncturist leaves his client behind in a burning house, full with needles….
That is, of course, fiction, because once your brain doesn´t want something to happen, then it will not happen.

All those show program´s show reality and at the same time, they don’t. hypnoseThe people on stage have always had a fierce desire to be in the spotlight and are selected in advance. Lack of shame is tested and limits are tested, next they (the showmasters) are going to find out if they go under hypnosis easily AND they are (when they all belong to group for the show) put into hypnosis in advance.

So never let people give you fear for hypnosis because all the beautiful things which can be achieved with hypnosis will get lost!

This week we had a client who wanted to quit smoking. She did not think she had been hypnotized because she heard all the noises around her 🙂 Yes of course you hear everything around you, a hypnotist should be able to be heard, otherwise you don’t slide into a trance.

So, you are all familiar with those thoughts about hypnosis I think, and I wanted to make it quite clear with this blog that hypnosis is something else than the public opinion.

The same client came to our practice fully fresh and lively, she had a good chat. After the Hypnosis (what she thought hadn´t undergone) she could not stop yawning. Fully surprised she realized that she indeed went under deep hypnosis.

hypnosisYou can check out our website where you will find a list of things that can be achieved with hypnosis, or even better, get in contact with us with all your questions!
Hypnosis has truly special results and really anyone who sometime has been through hypnosis, is full of wonder and joy.

Feel no fear because there can nothing happen what you don’t want to happen, it brings only improvement.

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