Hypnosis, General Health and the Big Pharma

General health

zelf genezend vermogenToday I want to talk about hypnosis, and yet I start about General Health???
I will explain this now. Hypnosis is for anything and everything. You can treat your mental luckage, but also your self-healing power with it. The combination of what we do in our practice, is a fantastic strong foundation for a road to old age without a poor health. No-one wants a poor health, it is something we take for granted when we have reached a certain age…how bizar!!

Complete check

Overall we can do a body check with the bioresonance for this moment, not for how the future exactly will be of what the trap in the future should be with your lifestyle as nowadays. But would you like certainty than I strongly advice a DNA saliva analysis, speeksel-testafter all, then you can also fill in the future, in terms of health. So why won´t you want to be sure about what is on your genes in terms of diseases. You know, when those genes aren´t stimulated, you will not get ill. So the sooner you know what is on your blueprint the faster you can act. Added the hypnosis and a food plan, your life will be on roses!
People think that pills solve everything, unfortunately they will become very disappointed, later in life. Without anyone excepted. One way there will be a range of pills, the other way the medication does not turn on, or the bones are gnawed and you come up with broken hips. Actually, this is all not necessary. Heart failure, the same story!


With hypnosis, we make sure that the fear of the future is no longer there (if there are, due to family illnesses), we ensure that toekomstyour immune system and your psyche will work on top, and is in top form and by the right diet – what is indicated by the analysis test – the future is guaranteed.
From that day on, a doctor’s visit is an unnecessary action.
It always seems so expensive, people still prefer going to the doctor because the insurance (?) covers the costs or because it is “free” as it is in Spain. But a good Dutch saying is also “cheap is expensive”. This is exactly the case with the current medical science. This is ruled by the Pharmaceutical industry. Every penny you spend on drugs disappears into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. Investigations are not done to the diseases from which we are so afraid of. Of course not, that produces way too much money. Research is being done to diseases that they first let flourish, and at the same time the medication lies already on the shelves. That is what we pay for. It is a prosperous industry unfortunately, where ancient wisdom to our health is blown away. Old medicine that their equal have shown for centuries, while the current medicine doesn´t exist that long… It is outrageous!


Hypnosis is centuries old.

“Hypnosis has been around as long as there are people. Every generation from the past has therefore effects of hypnosis hypnose:healthexperienced or discovered. Even from cuneiform tablets from countries on the Euphrates and the Tigris, that the oldest known culture people in the world-the Sumerians-4000 years before Christ shows that hypnosis used in forms as we now know it. High priests of that time healed patients already using suggestions during a called sleep. Also among the Greeks was hypnosis known as Temple sleep, where the priests self-healing whispered suggestions in the ear. ”

Big Pharma

Actually, how does it come that far that hypnosis is put away as charlatanism or as a “freak show”?! This is ingeniously done by mindcontrolthe Big Pharma. When it sometimes happens to anyone, for example, in pain, that he did’t turn out to be totally pain free afterwards, Big Pharma blows that as a lie, quackery etc etc But when a medication gives lots of dead children (prozac), you hear no one about that. With the huge amount of money that they get from us silly people, they can buy out silence. They also have our money to buy huge marketing program´ s.
For example to introduce the hey fever (Holland) on the news. Exactly the following day the pharmacy is full with clients, buying the anti histamine pills…. not because they already have hay fever, of course not, because they most likely will get, so the news said.
Do you know actually how this is called, this massive behavior??? It is called mass hypnosis!!!

Why do they say that hypnosis doesn´t work, is hypnosis quackery as the Big Farma uses it en masse…….?!

Own responsibility

I would think twice about what I have written here, and then draw your own conclusions. A family doctor is needed, for sure. If you have a broken leg, you will not have any benefit from hypnosis … for the healing process (speeding it up) it is certainly convenient, but first your leg has to be plastered.
We always say “for technical problems you have to go to the doctor” and I think every one can think and fill in what the technical gezond ouderproblems are.

My advice is to take your own health in your own hand, and take care for your self with nutrition, proper guidance and without pills for every complaint. Than I can guarantee you a healthy old age!

It is not about when you leave this life, but how you spend the last years of your life.

Healthy and surrounded by friends, children and/or grandchildren, or bedridden with pain and not being able to still enjoy life!

Big Pharma is not interested … we, however, are!

I wish you, after reading this article, much wisdom, and who knows … we will see you soon!

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