Guests in our house

What do the guests expect from us and what do we expect from them?

europaThat is a regular question between us. Fortunately we can, thanks to our job, mostly feel what people want from us. Quite a challenge because our knowledge to the Dutch and the Belgians is known. But Swiss, German, French and British people is still a challenge. Nevertheless, it is going very well……

Afraid of dogs

Last week we had a couple in the age of  late 20. A very cute couple … they had not read that we haveangst-voor-honden dogs. And let’s face it, they are no dwarf poodles. …

The girl freezed on the spot when the dogs came running to her. That was not just scared, no this was phobic!

We gently explained to her that we could help her. She thought it over and talked with her friend.  And when she came to Rob, still hesitating, she told him that he could treat her with EMDR.


emdrSo Rob did. Every time again it is amazing how good EMDR works. The obstacles are rapidly processed and cleaned up. You would think it is blocked, but nothing could be further from the truth. EMDR shoots you through the treatment process. You may think that the fear comes from the bite of a dog, or because a dog has run you down. Usually it’s just the behavior of the people around that is the underlying phobia. If you once have processed and cleaned it up, the phobia s totally gone.

So it was this time. Beginning of their week’s holiday EMDR done, and the fear was gone during the week. She has had two treatments! After the first treatment, the fear was so far away that she stepped over the sleeping big black Briard. Believe me, she needed guts for that, but she did this without thinking 🙂 Only later she understood what she had done. The end of the week was the last treatment, and now even the barking dogs did´t give her fear. The phobia is totally gone!


Extra dimension

It makes sense that these kinds of events give an extra dimension to our renting adventure, for us.
The above indicates that something was happening what the guests never expected and was also rather unexpected for us.
This was a very pleasant surprise.

Vegan breakfast

Another couple did not want a breakfast from us because they were vegan. That was obviously not my way of dealing with thatIMG_1057, I have my pride of course. So I did every morning a surprise vegan breakfast. They have never expected this of us, and we would never have guessed that someone would rent a room WITH breakfast without taking the breakfast.

So this turned out to be a very pleasant surprise as well.

The future

We are very curious what the future is going to bring with all those guests in the house. We had never expected to experience 2016-06-02 04.26.39this as such fun. In the Netherlands we had a busy practice, Breda was busy and people live inside their houses. Here you live outside, the practice is under construction and we live in the “campo” that makes life totally different. We think it’s just nice to have people around us, and sharing everything what we experience as fun big time, is also very worth doing. Whether we always continue to do so, I have no idea. For now we enjoy it and we will continue renting the room until we think the experience  is no more fun.

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  1. Hansje HoogReply

    Oh jee.
    Ik zie nu pas dat ik naar Ibiza moet voor een behandeling.

    We zijn net terug uit Baskenland,dus wel wat ver voor de candida.
    Heerlijk dat jullie daar heen zijn gegaan,maar jammer voor mij.ik zoek nu een ander.
    Veel succes daar.
    Groet Hansje Hoog.

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