Detox Spa week in Ibiza!

Our current Western dietary pattern has the result that we today have a lack of vitamins and minerals for the liver to clean your body. In many processed foods are hardly any vitamins and minerals, they are replaced by preservatives and fragrance, colours processed-foodand flavours which do also often contain toxic substances. In addition, most fresh fruit and vegetables, due to modern agricultural methods (e.g. soil exhaustion and unilateral artificial fertilization), contain much less nutrients than fifty years ago, with a direct result that we have to eat much more fruit and vegetables to get our daily requirement of vitamins and minerals … but we usually don’t!

Common symptoms of too much waste in your body are:

-fatigue and lethargy
-digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, cramps)
-delayed fat burning and weight gain-aching joints
-irritability and depression
-elevated blood sugar-
-fungal infections (such as candida)
-menstrual problems and infertility
-pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, preeclampsia and preterm birth

How does a detox spa week with us look like

This week you will be pampered (spoiled). You get healthy (tasty) meals. I wanted, recipes for at home to keep your healthy state. DSC_0081Every day the detox program by bioresonance.
Through bioresonance your organs are stripped of waste and then turned on to function properly.
Any ballast about stress can also be fixed by our other disciplines. And than, peace laying under the Sun at the swimming pool or in the garden. Just rest and let your body do the work.

Please bear in mind that detox is a moment of rest, both physically and mentally. During the detox you will be rather tired. The detox is always fitted in a way that you can take plenty of rest and you don´t have to perform.

This kind of weeks are only suitable for one or two persons, so that we can focus totally on what you need. ThereDSC_0136 are just a few places available!
For more information you can always contact us.


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