Guests in our house

What do the guests expect from us and what do we expect from them?

europaThat is a regular question between us. Fortunately we can, thanks to our job, mostly feel what people want from us. Quite a challenge because our knowledge to the Dutch and the Belgians is known. But Swiss, German, French and British people is still a challenge. Nevertheless, it is going very well……

Afraid of dogs

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The little pleasures of life!

Finally some time to blog again.2016-05-08 05.55.40

The Healing Ibiza day at Atzaro is finished. What was that a nice and cozy day. We have had several nice  conversations and we´ve people tested and helped with their health. It was really a successful day!

We have much told about nutrition. People were surprised to hear that bananas were´nt really as healthy as they thought, mainly with bowel complaints. And so much joy when strawberries appeared to be healthy and so allowed in comparison with the bowels… in short, we have shared many insights. Read more


The month of May is full with activities.. Maayke and Nini (daughters) come to spend their holiday with us, we finally see our best friends, who will come for a week. Many former clients come to have their vacation in Ibiza, and want to have just a cup of coffee (Brabants… “bakkie”) with us. Some want still a treatment or a check as in the old days. In short, the month of May is fully booked and the season is not even really started!

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Een enkele toerist is er al



Just before I would travel to England, I made a huge fall in the garden. Chin on planter, teeth through the lip, ribs bruised and 4 teeth loose.
Oh well, as I said to the children, we are almost never sick because of the bioresonance. The Cosmos will find another way for you to take care for your rest.
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