Why meditation is good for your health!

meditatie 5Meditation

Meditation is much more than just relaxation. Numerous studies show that meditation helps in lasting emotional balance.

Every time when we say in our practice, “practice meditation”, just do meditation for 15 minutes or half an hour, it is received with a smile (skeptical). When a medicine, however, would be offered with all the benefits of meditation, the newspapers were written all over.
And all those advantages are within your own range. A simple activity that is totally free, or with guidance against low costs. You only need yourself, no chemicals or books.

1. Lasting emotional balance

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IMG_5436This month was heartwarming! All those old clients who did come along. They loved our “project”  and felt welcome by our hospitality. That was the reason over all that we moved to Ibiza. Purely to be able to share, more than being a therapist and  the work that you do. Now we can summarize everything. And share our hospitality, our house and our expertise. Over the years, may I add, we have got a lot of knowledge, and what is the use of this knowledge if you can´t share or propagate.
In the Netherlands this was tricky, then you are extremely limited there by the laws and the weather.y limited.

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yeah...healing Ibiza


The Healing Ibiza event at Atzaro.

On May 8 we are at the healing event at Atzaro.
For the first time this year there will be a healing garden, in which we will have our spot (http://www.healingibiza.com). We will be there with the bioresonance, Rob will show that hypnosis really doesn’t have to be so scary and we give, to whom that wants, a brief introduction of family constellations.
We will be there from 15.30 to 20.00 so that we will be with the closure, the sunset ceremony.
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