Mijn droom, jouw droom….


Nu de markten zo´n beetje weg gaan vallen, één voor één, en de gasten in minder grote hoeveelheden arriveren, dat wij daardoor wat langer kunnen mijmeren op bed, dan ga je nadenken. Nadenken over wat je nou eigenlijk zou willen. Uiteraard een zorgeloos bestaan waarbij je de dingen doet die je graag doet.

Wat zou ik graag willen. Zou ik stoppen met werken …brrr, nee daar moet ik niet aan denken. Zou ik net zo veel werken zoals ik nu doe. Brrrr…nee ook daar moet ik niet aan denken. Zou ik hetzelfde blijven doen. Nou nee, dat ook niet!

Wat zou ik nou eigenlijk willen.

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The isle Ibiza and its inhabitants

Never too late to learn …

Ibiza is a mystery what I am slowly unravelling. Through my analytical thinking, sometimes a nuisance and sometimes a happiness, I want to understand the “why” of all that comes to me. And guess what has surprised me this past year the most?!

In our practice most of the complaints are of two types of complaints …. tired, abdominal distension and burden of intestines is the most common complaint. The other is the general complaint, hay fever or some other allergy. I never have even remotely thought, when I came to Ibiza, that these two complaints were on Ibiza as much as on the mainland….

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities. The island is so small that it always is windy, so there is always clean air. The island had to be not so long ago self sufficient, so there was only agriculture. You can still see that everywhere on the island. You can pick your food in the wild. Sheep are slaughtered and boned in the open air (100 metres away from me), only after they have had a beautiful smoking and skipping life here. In short, I think it is one of a kind place on this planet where you can be super healthy, and still … and still these complaints. …

Ibiza is also the Pine tree Island, and because it is always windy, the flowering season of these trees is pretty stressful for people with a sensitiveness to allergy. And I thought “clean air” … of course that’s right, partially though. No smogg, industry or other evils.

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