The isle Ibiza and its inhabitants

Never too late to learn …

Ibiza is a mystery what I am slowly unravelling. Through my analytical thinking, sometimes a nuisance and sometimes a happiness, I want to understand the “why” of all that comes to me. And guess what has surprised me this past year the most?!

In our practice most of the complaints are of two types of complaints …. tired, abdominal distension and burden of intestines is the most common complaint. The other is the general complaint, hay fever or some other allergy. I never have even remotely thought, when I came to Ibiza, that these two complaints were on Ibiza as much as on the mainland….

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities

Ibiza, the island of the possibilities. The island is so small that it always is windy, so there is always clean air. The island had to be not so long ago self sufficient, so there was only agriculture. You can still see that everywhere on the island. You can pick your food in the wild. Sheep are slaughtered and boned in the open air (100 metres away from me), only after they have had a beautiful smoking and skipping life here. In short, I think it is one of a kind place on this planet where you can be super healthy, and still … and still these complaints. …

Ibiza is also the Pine tree Island, and because it is always windy, the flowering season of these trees is pretty stressful for people with a sensitiveness to allergy. And I thought “clean air” … of course that’s right, partially though. No smogg, industry or other evils.

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Winter on Ibiza

looking-back-and-moving-forwardLooking back over the past year.

It has been a while since I’ve written my last blog. On Ibiza “never a dull moment” we have to say.

It has been almost a year since we settled down in Ibiza and it seems like yesterday. No day has been the same, and no day is predictable. Even in temperature as in ordinary life nothing is predictable. One can make plans, but you better don´t, because it will run different though.

Looking back, this year we have done our personal things, just those that we like to do and that could keep us from the costs as well. After all, setting up a practice takes a while and in the meantime the costs continue. We did not want to survive but just with building up the G&R practice. Read more

The story of the Bioptron Light therapy

What can light therapy mean for your health?

In our practice the Bioptron light therapy is one of the offered therapy’s. This is a lamp with different color filters that gives great results for a variety of complaints.

  • Anti aging of your skin: wrinkles, …bioptron 2
  • Facial care healing of wounds eczema and acne
  • Scars muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Rheumatism
  • Depression winter depression

First our story

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Hypnosis, General Health and the Big Pharma

General health

zelf genezend vermogenToday I want to talk about hypnosis, and yet I start about General Health???
I will explain this now. Hypnosis is for anything and everything. You can treat your mental luckage, but also your self-healing power with it. The combination of what we do in our practice, is a fantastic strong foundation for a road to old age without a poor health. No-one wants a poor health, it is something we take for granted when we have reached a certain age…how bizar!!

Complete check

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Candida, PDS, IBS and more….

Irritable bowel syndrome.

In this blog yet again about the intestines, “too fat” and related matters.

PDSDo you frequently suffer from diarrhea, constipation or both? Have you got an irregular bowel movements and regularly with abdominal cramps?
Then you have fixed suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Irritable-bowel syndrome (IBS). Irritable bowel syndrome is a disruption of the spontaneous motility (= peristalsis) of mostly the entire gastro-intestinal canal. The irritable-bowel syndrome occurs in approximately 2% of the population for-usually between the 15th and 65th year of life-and 3 x more common in women than in mannenBij IBS is the stomach-intestinal wall more susceptible to all kinds of stimuli, including food, medicine and stress, and draws under the influence thereof-usually during the day and rarely at night-often abnormally together (= stomach and/or intestinal spasms). Because of the fact that the sensitivity of the pain receptors in the intestinal wall is bigger than normal, the cramps are extra painful.

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Finally we made it! My goal has always been to combine alternative and regular healing. How hard it was in the Netherlands. alternatief regulierAlthough more and more doctor practices were cooperating, some came even with notes for certain matters to let us test, it was still a nearly impossible case due to the law.
Now that we have started on Ibiza, the wish is still there to cooperate with the regular medicine. However, on Ibiza as well, the doctors are just doctors and do not know the alternative side very well. They seem not knowing that may be there are other ways to heal. Or even more, to do a preventive scan and to respond to that what is already present on your genes from birth. By which knowledge you can live your life longer and healthier. Purely because you know how you can manage your life without the products that will make you ill.

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IMG_5436This month was heartwarming! All those old clients who did come along. They loved our “project”  and felt welcome by our hospitality. That was the reason over all that we moved to Ibiza. Purely to be able to share, more than being a therapist and  the work that you do. Now we can summarize everything. And share our hospitality, our house and our expertise. Over the years, may I add, we have got a lot of knowledge, and what is the use of this knowledge if you can´t share or propagate.
In the Netherlands this was tricky, then you are extremely limited there by the laws and the weather.y limited.

On Ibiza everything is available. Read more

Taking medicine?? Why??

Are you fed up with swallowing medication?

Pharma-does-not-create-cures-they-create-customersThe medicine which are swallowed in the world, has become a very common issue. Of course it is  “great” that we do have the knowledge acquired to make medications and have lots of medications in stock. Unfortunately, selling medication has gradually become a whole industry on itself. Medications have to be sold to keep this industry turning. A lot of people are swallowing medications though, not for their health, but as a guarantee to continue the profit. This is a totally different approach than most of people are grown up with, by tradition


Let’s be critical.

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keep-calm-it-s-just-hypnosis-1Today I like to tell you something about the wonderful world of hypnosis. So many people have here fear for hypnosis. That’s totally not necessary. This fear is fed by the public but … any hypnotist, when you believe the stories, could change you for always in a wannabee frog. That would be nice, because if all that could be, than it would be a peace of cake to achieve world peace.
There are so many people today that can hypnotize, then that would be achieved in an instance.

With other words….nothing can happen that you don´t want to let happen.

I´ll give you the link here to a dutch advertisement of an insurance company “just call Apeldoorn”. The acupuncturist leaves his client behind in a burning house, full with needles….
That is, of course, fiction, because once your brain doesn´t want something to happen, then it will not happen.

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zonneallergieHow many people do complain about this in recent years. Really incredible!
Sun-rash is nothing else than the moisture (sweat) on your skin which contains too much acid. What, most of the time, will be rubbed in with a suncare product (of course with a factor!).
That is really not the way to handle your skin. Because the general opinion has become that Sun is very bad for you, we are going to dress up from the Sun and, much more, we use lots of sun protection lotions.
Besides the fact that we, because of this silly behavior, do get a vit D deficiency as a result of banning the Sun, it is also true that our skin makes no, or inadequate, pigment. Our skin has forgotten how to do so. After all, baby’s have to wear hats (yeah nice, holds the heat well … so one can wait for the heat stroke), wearing a t-shirt too etc. We (as parents) are sitting under the parasol, smeared and dressed.
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