Mijn droom, jouw droom….


Nu de markten zo´n beetje weg gaan vallen, één voor één, en de gasten in minder grote hoeveelheden arriveren, dat wij daardoor wat langer kunnen mijmeren op bed, dan ga je nadenken. Nadenken over wat je nou eigenlijk zou willen. Uiteraard een zorgeloos bestaan waarbij je de dingen doet die je graag doet.

Wat zou ik graag willen. Zou ik stoppen met werken …brrr, nee daar moet ik niet aan denken. Zou ik net zo veel werken zoals ik nu doe. Brrrr…nee ook daar moet ik niet aan denken. Zou ik hetzelfde blijven doen. Nou nee, dat ook niet!

Wat zou ik nou eigenlijk willen.

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Winter on Ibiza

looking-back-and-moving-forwardLooking back over the past year.

It has been a while since I’ve written my last blog. On Ibiza “never a dull moment” we have to say.

It has been almost a year since we settled down in Ibiza and it seems like yesterday. No day has been the same, and no day is predictable. Even in temperature as in ordinary life nothing is predictable. One can make plans, but you better don´t, because it will run different though.

Looking back, this year we have done our personal things, just those that we like to do and that could keep us from the costs as well. After all, setting up a practice takes a while and in the meantime the costs continue. We did not want to survive but just with building up the G&R practice. Read more

The story of the Bioptron Light therapy

What can light therapy mean for your health?

In our practice the Bioptron light therapy is one of the offered therapy’s. This is a lamp with different color filters that gives great results for a variety of complaints.

  • Anti aging of your skin: wrinkles, …bioptron 2
  • Facial care healing of wounds eczema and acne
  • Scars muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Rheumatism
  • Depression winter depression

First our story

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Guests in our house

What do the guests expect from us and what do we expect from them?

europaThat is a regular question between us. Fortunately we can, thanks to our job, mostly feel what people want from us. Quite a challenge because our knowledge to the Dutch and the Belgians is known. But Swiss, German, French and British people is still a challenge. Nevertheless, it is going very well……

Afraid of dogs

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What is happiness and how do you achieve it….?!

HowofHappiness-coverThis is all explained in a book of Sonja Lyubomirsky. How totally agreed I am, I still want to give my opinion on it.

1 Expressing gratitude

2 Cultivating optimism

3 Avoiding overthinking and social comparison

4 Practicing acts of kindness

5 Nurturing relationships

6 Developing strategies for copingsources of happiness 2

7 Learning to forgive

8 Doing more activities that truly engage you

9 Savoring life’s joys

10 Committing to your goals

11 Practicing religion and spirituality

12 Taking care of your body Read more