Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a strong supporter of the basic income. When I left the Netherlands 3 years ago, it was because I had lost total confidence in the Dutch system. Not only in terms of tax system, but also because the government is very, and I repeat VERY, known of the benefits of a basic income. However, these benefits are for people themselves, and the government in the Netherlands is just not working on this.

The advantages of a basic income are:

  • independence
  • own responsibility
  • independent decision-making
  • you can do what YOU like to do, instead of what you have to do

Man oh man, what a commotion this brings. Free money… noway! You háve to work for your money, what do you want? You want to ”do things you like”….? please educate your children with “life is not always fun”, etc etc.

Sometimes there were true comments, because, yes, say it yourself, if you are less gifted or less able, then you are indeed dependent on that basic income. That is not a grease pot. It would be a house, bed, rent and simple food. No villa, but a smaller house. The principle of the basic income is that you have to work for more luxury. However … that is not possible when you simply can not work.

Moved from the Netherlands


Because of the frustration of the whole Dutch system, the way of thinking that one has made the last, say, 25 years, I left the Netherlands. I wanted a more free life, a happier life in the open air where the air is still clean and I also wanted to think. Thinking about what it is, that makes people so docile and so

Well … I have to say, the government and also the multi nationals, have clever manipulative experts. Fear is in fact a very bad counselor, because it causes headaches so you find it easy to follow orders without thinking. It almost seems like a military affair.

How does my brain work?

My favorite program, which I also follow in Ibiza, is mindfuck. Awesome! You see how your brain works so clearly, you do not even notice how it works. It has its own path that it follows. Your brain just works with what your eyes see, without your instant brain noticeably working. So bizarre, and so I started to understand what is being done in the commercials, but also by the tax authorities and the government. Everything is carefully put together and measured to allow the vast majority of the population to do what they want them to do. Colors, smells, faces (in the spots), posture, etc. Everything is attuned to each other and those who are not sensitive to it, follow like the famous sheep, the crowd.

The possibility of creating your own world

What if I were to say that there is a basic income that you have control over yourself. Nothing free money, nothing from the government. Simply, outside the government you are going to get your freedom back. If you do what you feel like, you will create a life for yourself that you have always dreamed of.

I met a company here in Ibiza, which represents everything I believe in. Too crazy for words. A company that has realized that crabbing money does not give what you primary want,happiness. A lot of money it gives you, but also a lack of friends and happiness. Because, say for yourself, what do you have with money. It is only paper and it burns just as hard as the newspaper. So, that is not what brings happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness is freedom, freedom of thought and action, in a place where you want to be. Freedom can be received without judgments or prejudices. Freedom is to be who you are. But who are you? You can only find out when you have no headaches, when you have the space to discover.


That company that I am talking about thinks the same thing. Think big, and think in the future. Of course, a company (the word says it all, company, industrious) wants to grow. After all, you can only look after others if you can take care of yourself. If the company does not care to stay healthy, then it can not take care of all those people who depend on that company. There is nothing wrong with that.


This company has set up a structure that ensures that people with the minimum effort generates a basic income of € 2000, – per month. The effort consists of 5 minutes per day of work.


So you can say to anyone who is against a basic income ….’I’  DO WORK!

This company is an online company which is comparable (when it started in 2012) with a Facebook for companies. It is the first social media platform that connects people within multi-level marketing. They bond everyone with each other, just to make sure that everyone has his own teacher. Without a teacher you will never now what you are doing in a short time.

Oh dear, Gaby is talking about MLM, the multi level marketing again. But be careful, I never share anything before I have tried it all out and figured it out. It is not a marketing talk, it is sharing what I see and what possibilities I see from Ibiza for all my people left behind and the people who read this and need this. So I continue now …

This company is currently stationed in 190 countries (and still more countries are coming), has experienced a growth that is considered to be impossible AND, in all these countries, it ensures that its people can also experience such growth AND is sponsor of many sports clubs AND serves many good causes AND is committed to health care. In short …. a company like the government should be!

How does this work. Well … listen ….

Everyone knows in the advertising business millions and millions are earned. That goes to no one except to the companies that make those ads.

What makes an advertisement good ……when it attracts eyes to be viewed. That used to be the case and is still the case today. Only now it is even more important to be high on the list on google. That you are one of the first to be watched.

How do you achieve that? By having a lot of eyes at your disposal, because the more often the ad is clicked, the higher in the list you will be.

Futurenet has started with this online happening in 2012. Just find people who want to be involved 5 minutes a day. 10 Ads clicked by many, ensures that those companies are high in the ranking. Now you can say as a company, you get 1 cent for each click. That happens a lot already, and that is old news. But no, Futurenet says. Set up your company with us. Take care of your own future, grow with it !!

They say:

You buy a kind of share with us (10 euros or 50 euros), then you spend 5 minutes a day on clicking on ads and you get commission. That commission ensures you that you have 20% profit after about 120 days. Then your (in this case) 50 euros are, GUARANTEED, worth 60 euros! With that you can start building (your own company) and buy another package for 50 euros, which leaves 10 profit and thus save for more packages, which creates more commission and which gives you ultimately (is not from today to tomorrow) a monthly income of 2000 euros. You can also buy a package of 10 euros, this is in the same time with the same 20% worth 12 euros, but takes a lot longer to earn those 2000.

What bank does give you this interest?

Again, it is work hey !! So you have to like it because that’s what we said from the beginning, work can be fun! However, it offers freedom..and then the key question is: Can you actually coop with that freedom ???

Think about that, because that is an important issue. It is a different world at once.

How fast does it go? 

If you work ik out like the above, it does not go fast. I would advise it in the first instance. Why?

Trial period

Just like in the “real” business world, you first have to get to know the company. Tasting, scanning, gaining trust, etc. This is only possible with a trial period. In this case, you will pay 10 euros for this trial period, which you will receive with 2 euros profit in any case. As a reward for the effort made.

When you have gained your trust, there are countless possibilities at once. Huge opportunities for growth are offered. Exceptional!

It is a super social company, offering you opportunities on all fronts that you can exercise. But if you don’t want, it is ok too. Because earning you do anyhow!

Just as with the basic income, who wants extra, has to show extra commitment. Are you one with the minimum, that’s fine too, no problem at all.

Everyone deserves exactly the same amount. Just as with the basic income, everyone gets the same amount. However, those who build a real company within Futurenet deserve more on the basis of their efforts. You also earn more with the basic income.

Difference with the basic-income

The enormous gift of this is that the problem that arose with the basic income is tackled. Everyone, really everyone, can benefit from this. If you can not walk, you can participate, if you are bedridden you can participate. You can help your family through a system within Futurenet. They have collected all social media revenue models into an easy-to-understand concept that everyone can understand.

Do not be confused by fear screaming persons who shout “pyramid !!!!” NOTHING but nothing is less true. There is a company structure but no pyramid. In pyramid sales, the first deserves the most and at the bottom is nothing left, this all for the same product. Everybody deserves the same amount here. Commitment is rewarded, of course, but this commitment is for everyone and not for a single person.


Have I touched something within you, do you want to know more about it, or do you just want to know which steps you should take now. I can always be reached via facebook messenger, via email ( or via the contact form of

And you know what… my first passion is people and my second passion is the basic income. I shall and I will find a way to offer everyone that freedom you are entitled to. And you know what?? … ..I think I found it !!

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    Weet je Gaby?
    Ik denk (of eigenlijk: wéét) dat je gelijk hebt!
    Futurenet is ook in mijn ogen een soort basisinkomen.
    Ik ben er nog lang niet, maar ik zie het groeien!

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